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The annual Finding X India is a union of creative talents from India’s student community. Every year over 2500 Finalists participates in 25 creative disciplines.

Events including Short Film Making, CSR Video Making, Documentary Film Making, Music Video, Music Production, Educational Video, Photography, Animation, VJ, RJ, DJ, Music Band. And also including Best Reporter/Journalist, Best reporter, Model Hunt, Best Film Club, Poster design, Online Promotion etc.

Finding x India for Talent show for kids

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Dance is an art. Show your talent in Finding X India reality show


Singing is an hidden art. Show your hidden talent in Finding X India reality show


Show your music in findingxindia show


Dance is an art. Show your talent in Finding X India reality show


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In Today, focused world each and everyone is engaged to achieve there Goal. Finding X India has been established to provide a beautiful platform of   Reality Show in India 2019 and also take regularly talent hunt competition in Delhi and other states if anyone interested to join then Register Now.