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Finding X India is escort with commercial outlook to identify the talented young Indians and guide them properly to choose their career at the campus / school level. While providing a chance for the shortlisted ones to get exposed to the Film Industry and perform in front of the Professional Film Fraternity so that the best among them can get a direct entry to the film world without any conventional hurdles.

The Finding X India is a reality show of creative talents from India’s community. Every year over 2500 Finalists participates in 25 creative disciplines. This reality show including Short Film Making, CSR Video Making, Documentary Film Making, Music Video, Music Production, Educational Video, Photography, Animation. Also including VJ, RJ, DJ, Music Band, Best Reporter/Journalist, Best reporter, Model Hunt, Best Film Club, Poster design, Online Promotion etc.

Separate recognition for the best actor, actress, singer, music director, Cameraman, Editor, Sound designer, VFX, DI, Production Controller, Makeup, Costume Designer, Production Designer etc is found out through Findingxindia.

"Finding X India" show